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Seed cycling upgraded

Seed cycling is a holistic approach often recommended by naturopaths and nutritionists to support healthy hormone balance. We’ve taken this method and made it a little more fun and a little less rigid so that nourishment can be an easy part of your everyday routine.

Naturopath Approved

Developed alongside a team of seasoned hormone experts.
(See what we did there?)

Natural Ingredients

Not another five syllable supplement. The highest quality, all-natural ingredients we can find.

Easy to Use

Just sprinkle on top of your savory dishes (eggs, toast, soup, salad, etc.) for a kick of nourishment & flavor.

How do they work?

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"I had my hormonal IUD removed after 12 years and was nervous to know what this transition would be like. I have been adding LOONA Seeds to my lunch almost every day for the past few months. They are delicious, incredibly easy to use and have helped me feel stable and strong throughout this journey. I honestly wasn't expecting something that would boost my hormonal system and my recipes."

Steph Morgan

"LOONA has made the journey of understanding my hormones approachable and they are SO tasty. Each spoonful is a perfect burst of flavor for my food and nourishment for my body. 20 out of 10 would recommend.

Hannah Lawnik