Upgrade your seasoning


Can I just use one seasoning all month?

Sure ya can! Both the follicular and luteal blends are full of nourishing seeds and herbs that are beneficial for gut health, nutrient supply and taste great no matter your gender, stage of life or time of the month. However, if your goal is to better balance your hormones and minimize symptoms - we recommend using the blends as instructed.

What if I am on hormonal birth control?

Yes you can! Although the blends are designed for a natural cycle, they can still serve you as a supportive way to add in extra nutrients to your diet. They also offer great natural support if you are transitioning off of hormonal BC.

What the heck does "follicular" mean?

"Follicular" and "luteal" are the names for the two main phases of our menstrual cycle. Our follicular phase lasts from the first day of our period through to ovulation, and the luteal phase begins after ovulation and lasts through to the start of our next period. Our blends are designed to support your body with fatty acids, minerals, lignans and micronutrients that help support your body during each of these phases. 

What do I put it on?

We love to top our avocado toast, rice bowls, eggs, salads, soups, roasted veggies, noodles, "buddha bowls," curry... the possibilities are endless! Follow us on instagram for some yummy recipe ideas. @loonaseeds

Is it free to ship?

Unfortunately, no... glass is heavy and we are committed to sustainable packaging. Shipping costs $4.50 anywhere in the U.S.

Can you ship internationally?

At this time we can not. Stay tuned!