How does it work?

What is so great about balanced hormones?

Our period is often referred to as our "fifth vital sign." That means it's right up there with body temperature and pulse in indicating our overall health! When our cycle is out of balance, we don't just get cramps... it can affect our metabolism, sleep, skin, cognitive function... the list goes on.

What happens during our cycle?

Our cycle begins on the first day of our period and usually lasts between 24-38 days. There are four phases that are often lumped together into the "follicular phase" (day 1 of your menstrual cycle through ovulation) and the "luteal phase" (ovulation through the beginning of your next period). Think "follicular = first" and "luteal = last" - we'll quiz you later ;)

Some food for dot...

Why do we experience symptoms?

In a perfect world, this chart flows seamlessly without interruption.. but in reality we face stress, external toxins, the occasional pancake breakfast and one too many cocktails... These factors, plus many others, can create an imbalance and lead to nutrient deficiencies and excess estrogen in our blood stream. The ingredients in LOONA blends help replenish many critical micronutrients and facilitate proper elimination of estrogen to keep our cycle flowin' like it should.

Just seeds and herbs, really?

Our homie Hippocrates once said "let food be thy medicine!" and we take this to heart. Our hormone levels change throughout the month, as do our nutrient needs. Eating the right foods can be incredibly beneficial in supporting our bodies. Our goal is to make this easy and fun. No five syllable supplement or powder that tastes like chalk... just a wholesome, delicious crunch that's easy to sprinkle on your food.  

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How do I use it?


We recommend tracking your cycle if you are not already! Are you on day 1-14? Grab your follicular blend.  


Shake it up (your bod and the jar). Grab a spoon or pinch with your fingers.


The blends taste great on top of anything savory. Toast, eggs, soup, salad and bowls are some of our favorites.


When you get past ovulation day or around day 14 of your cycle.. switch to your "luteal" blend (the pink jar)

Connect with an expert

Want to learn more about your hormone health? Reach out to one of the experts we work with below to explore ways to dive deeper.

Dr. Leah Gordon

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Gordon specializes in helping those that are struggling with hormonal imbalances resulting in low sex drive, menstrual irregularities, infertility, hot flashes, fatigue, or digestive concerns. Check out her website below for more information and sign up to be notified about her upcoming "moon medicine" course, designed to help you live in harmony with your body and cycles.

Dr. Rachel Farber

Integrative Chinese Medicine DAOM LAC

Dr. Farber specializes in women's health and hormone imbalance, thyroid and endocrine issues, digestive disorders and mental-emotional health. through functional integrative medicine sessions that include hands-on bodywork herbal and dietary support and thorough diagnostics and lab testing as necessary, she helps women overcome a wide variety of health problems ranging from hormone imbalances to autoimmune conditions.

Rose Denicola

Herbalist & Certified Massage Therapist

Rose specializes in plant medicine for hormone balance and helps clients heal their relationship with themselves and nature. Check out her "moontime medicine" chart which beautifully details the most supportive herbs during each phase of our cycle. She also offers one-on-one holistic guidance to help her clients balance their hormones through plant medicine.