Frequently Asked Questions

We wouldn't leave ya hangin'

What do LOONA Seeds do for my body?

These blends offer our bodies some extra help in order to naturally modulate estrogen and progesterone throughout our monthly cycle. Balancing these hormones can help reduce a number of PMS symptoms like cramping, mood swings, headaches, acne and digestive issues.

If I am pregnant or breast feeding can I use the blends?

Although we use all natural and gentle ingedients, as with any new supplement, we recommend you consult with a doctor first if you are pregnant or breast feeding. 

What the heck does "follicular" mean?

"Follicular" and "luteal" are the names for the two main phases of our menstrual cycle. Our follicular phase lasts from the first day of our period through to ovulation and the luteal phase begins after ovulation and lasts through to the start of our next period. Our blends are designed to support your body with fatty acids, minerals, lignans and micronutrients that help support your body during each of these phases. 

How much should I use?

We recommend topping your meals with about a tablespoon of the appropriate blend once (or twice!) a day. We sprinkle it on our eggs and toast each morning. LOONA is designed to support you with gentle, nourishing ingredients so not to worry if you miss a day or don’t use enough. Embrace the "ish" :)

If I don't get a period or I am irregular -  how do I know when to start using each blend?

You can sync to the moon cycle if you do not have a regular period (how cool is that??) The moon cycle is about 28 days and mimics a woman’s menstrual cycle. You can start with the follicular blend on the new moon and switch to the luteal blend on the full moon. 

How long does a jar of seasoning last?

Each jar has about 24 tablespoons which is intended to last you for half of your cycle or 14-19 days. Our cycle support kit which includes a follicular and luteal blend will take you through a whole month, at least.

Can I use one blend for the whole month instead of switching half way through?

Sure ya can! Both the follicular and luteal blends are full of nourishing seeds and herbs that are beneficial for gut health, nutrient supply and taste great no matter your gender, stage of life or time of the month! But if your goal is to better balance your hormones and minimize symptoms - we recommend using the blends as instructed.

Can men use the blends?

Sure they can! The ingredients we use are nourishing for all bodies.

When will I start to see results?

We recommend consistently using LOONA for 3 months to begin seeing results. Is this a magic pill that cures all of your ailments? No. Loona Seeds are a delcious and easy addition to your daily routine but if you are facing any severe hormonal imbalances we recommend working with a doctor on more major lifestyle and diet changes. (We partner with a few great ones that you can reach out to at the bottom of our "how does it work" page!)

What if I'm perimenopausal?

Yes m'am! The ingredients we use are great for support at any stage of life and some have been shown to reduce common perimenopausal symptoms.

If I am on hormonal birth control can I use the blends?

Yes you can! When our body is on hormonal birth control our hormones function differently. These blends can still serve you as a supportive way to add in extra nutrients to your diet. They also offer great natural support if you are transitioning off of the pill or an IUD.

Where should I store my seeds?

The ingredients we use have a long shelf life but fresh ground flax seeds are at their freshest when kept cold. We leave the blend we are currently using on our counter and the other half of the month in the fridge and then switch. 

What do I put my seeds on?

We love to top our avocado toast, rice bowls, eggs, salads, soups, roasted veggies, noodles, "buddha bowls", curry ... the possibilities are endless! Follow us on instagram for some yummy recipe ideas. 

Can I start using in the middle of my cycle?

You sure can! If you are not already tracking your cycle we recommend doing so (the phone app "Clue" is great!) Figure out around which day of your cycle you are on and you can start topping your meals as soon as you receive your seeds. 

Why are the flax seeds and sesame seeds ground?

As whole seeds they can pass through our system still whole and deny us some of the great benefits. We use raw, organic NON-GMO seeds and grind them  fresh so when they get to you they offer maximum benefits. 

Are the blends good for those with PCOS or endometriosis?

Yes! The ingredients we use are great as food-based support for these conditions however, you will likely need to incorporate other modalities alongside using our blends. We encourage you to talk with your doctor or reach out to one of the experts we partner with.