What we're all about

Welcome and nice to meet you! Our goals are simple... We are here to make your food taste delicious, add essential nutrients to your day-to-day routine, and inspire you to more deeply appreciate your insides.


Whether you are transitioning off of hormonal birth control, searching for relief from nasty PMS symptoms, or simply turning toward a more natural approach to balanced hormones, trust us, we can relate! Our mission is to help women tune into their body’s natural rhythms. The more curious and educated we get about our insides, the less fault we find with our outsides. We believe this leads to a more healthy and balanced life.

At Loona Seeds, we place a high value on environmental sustainability, high-quality ingredients, meaningful partnerships, inclusivity and feedback. First, there is enough waste in the world and we don't want to create more. Our shipping materials are all recyclable and your seasonings come in sweet, glass jars that will easily become a pantry staple. Next, our hormones are easily influenced by toxins in our environment so we only source high quality, organic and Non-GMO ingredients from partners we trust. And finally, Loond Seeds are made for all bodies. Our hope is that our language, content and mission do not exclude anyone that feels connected to the product.
We are Emily, Carly, and Abby! Born and raised in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, respectively, we met (kismetly) while working for an international hiking and biking company way back in 2019! Combined, we have traveled to more than 70 countries, across the United States, and back. Through our travels and experiences, we have worked alongside some of the most creative, ambitious, and intuitive women in the world and are thrilled to offer a product that not only promotes women's health, but also educates and empowers us to better understand our bodies and naturally support our hormones. 


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