What's Inside?

Follicular Ingredients

Our Follicular blend is designed specifically for the first half of your menstrual cycle. It is full of nourishing ingredients like pumpkin seeds that provide magnesium, proven to minimize PMS symptoms and freshly ground flax seeds which help eliminate excess estrogen from our system. 


Pumpkin Seeds

Full of magnesium and zinc shown to minimize PMS symptoms. asldjawopie ao fpaoskjflkasdj poiwej poiaj efopiwe fajsd laksjdfoiw efpoa laksjdfoasi gjopiwej foaj efalwkjflaskdfj oaie fjopweijfoij. 



Luteal Ingredients

Our Luteal blend is designed specifically for the second half of your menstrual cycle - ovulation day (around day 15) through to the beginning of your next cycle. At this phase all of our sex hormones are dropping as our body realizes there is no egg to grow! This blend has sunflower and ground sesame seeds at it's base. Sunflower seeds provide selenium which helps our liver detox. Sesame seeds provide. Rosemary provides antioxidants and fennel and fenugreek keep our digestive system movin'.