What we're all about


Our goal is threefold... Make your food taste delicious, conveniently add nutrients to your day-to-day and inspire you to more deeply appreciate your insides.



Our mission is to help women tune into their body’s natural rhythms. The more curious and educated we get about our insides, the less fault we find with our outsides. We believe this leads to a more healthy and balanced life.


We believe life is
about balance

(You know, salad with a side of cookie kinda balance.)

The Story

Like many of us, I started taking the birth control pill as soon as it was accessible to me with the promise of "no acne or cramps!" I mean, who would say no??
A decade later, I started to get curious. How is this pill impacting the rest of my body? Is my digestive system affected? How about my mood? How would I feel naturally?
Coming off hormonal birth control can be intimidating for a number of reasons. After learning about “seed cycling” and a bunch of seemingly magical herbs from around the world, my interest peaked. I started working with hormone experts from a variety of backgrounds and LOONA was born.
Making and using these blends taught me how to listen to my body, made my cramps nearly non-existent and has spiced up my meals ever since. I hope they can do the same for you. :)


Environmental Sustainability

There is enough waste in the world and we don't want to create more. Our shipping materials are all recyclable and your seasonings come in sweet, glass jars that will easily become a pantry staple. We are committed to continuing to improve by making environmental sustainability a priority in everything we do.

High quality ingredients & meaningful partnerships

Our hormones are easily influenced by toxins in our environment, and our taste buds appreciate the good stuff. We only source high quality, organic and Non-GMO ingredients from partners we trust. We source straight from the farm whenever possible. Our kelp comes right from the shores of Northern CA, and our garlic & onion is farm fresh from Gilroy, CA.

Inclusivity & Feedback

LOONA Seeds are made for all bodies. Our hope is that our language, content and mission do not exclude anyone that feels connected to the product. If you do not feel included or notice something we can do better - please reach out and let us know! We know we will make mistakes and greatly appreciate feedback as we grow.